Headstand builds a sustainable commitment with schools to provide students with mindfulness and yoga classes and curriculum for one year or more. Headstand doesn’t offer a one-time unit or after-school session because we believe it takes an integrative approach to equip students and teachers with the tools they need to gain self-awareness and manage their own stress. For students living in poverty, Headstand classes can help reduce or even reverse the physiological damage of chronic and toxic stress from their environment. This increases the potential for academic achievement, which in turn narrows the achievement gap.

Integrated into the school’s curriculum, Headstand classes go beyond physical education to combine visualization, mindfulness, and breathing exercises with yoga-based movement.


    The Headstand curriculum emphasizes stress reduction and wellness within the context of continuous, practiced learning with an experienced K–12 teacher. Organized into four-week units, the program uses mindfulness and yoga poses to teach age-appropriate skills for stress reduction, character education, and social and emotional wellness over time. The program runs for the entire school year as part of the school’s standard curriculum and every student participates. The curriculum meets physical education standards in the states where it operates. Frequent pre- and post-class surveys help assess the curriculum’s effectiveness and impact.